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Teaser (Flash)

Puzzle King: The Videogames

You get: EXE-Files Wich work with:Windows 3.x/9x/Me/2000/XP You save:right click -> save target as

Sliding Puzzle for Greenhorns - 01 MB
Sliding Puzzle for Heros - 01 MB

For handheld-freaks the Puzzle King to - virtual - go. Choose between the 3x3-classic (Greenhorn) or the 5x5-version with an additional unmovable piece (Hero).

Jigsaw Puzzle for Greenhorns - 01 MB
Jigsaw Puzzle for Heros - 01 MB

Housewives and ex-convicts prefer our classic jigsaw puzzle game. Choose between 20 easy spread pieces (Greenhorn) or 99 randomly spread pieces (Hero).

Work In Progress:

VIDEOGAMES: Foxy White - The Toothless Monster (Flash), Spot the Difference

FILMS/MUSIC-VIDEOS: Death to the Audience, NMP HQ Dresden, Desperado-Mouse, Ratta-Tooi - Reloaded, Triple Amnesia, Retro Rampage, Cam-Pong, Good Bye Duke, Perfect 10, The Sound of Silence, Commercial Collections, 2 Kids 3D, Musical-Commercial: Foxy White - The Toothless Monster vs. Pacman, Socca Feva, Casted Away, Disco-Mouse, Mutanthoefers Infection, Salesman, Buried Dreams - Remixed, The Art of Falling Apart, Tron: Pop Up Audio Book - Saxonian Edition, The Difference Between Men and Boys, Handheld, Vertigo

MUSIC: Scissorscientist et al. - Sicking, NMP vs. Paradroid - NMP-Song, Scissor Scientists - Appendix EP, Paradroid feat. S.M.D. - I am the future