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Pitchtuner - ¡nebeL nedserD Theme (a.k.a. Kinkykong) - 05 MB

This previously unreleased track from the acclaimed germanese band Pitchtuner is used in our farewell film for Dresden. Kind of the Cure meets New Order.

High Score Radio - offline

Looking for a free dose of sleazy soundtrack-action? Bingo. We'll hit you with nasty grooves from damn good flicks - these hits will feel like kisses. Tune in, turn on and cruise into the in-between!

Little Barrel Organ Song - 0,5 MB

The NMP-Double-Impact-Remix of the theme from "Love Conquers All". Inspired by Henry Mancini, John Zorn, Arnold Schönberg, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Otto von Schirach, Paradroid and of course: Celine Dion.

Scissorscientist et al. - Serious Cutting - 05 MB

Yes, we do have shooting breaks. While the actors do drugs and have excessive sex we prefer Rock'n'Roll. Enjoy our cute little DSP-flavoured lullaby. Greetings to Arnold Schönberg by the way...

Heinrich Demel - Ediths Champagne Blues - 03 MB

Painter and musician Heinrich Demel devoted this song to our top-actress Edith Dornhoefer. It was used for the sequel to our most successful film "Serious Talking".

Work In Progress:

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