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[001] Liebe ohne Ende [002] Die Reisenden [003] Notforkids
[004] Buried Dreams [005] Ratta-Tooi [006] Quite Riot
[007] Ödipus Calling [008] Mutanthoefer [009] Orangensaft-Gringo
[010] Stabber Horst [011] Mutanthoefer 3D [012] Devastating Flood
[013] Notforkids 2 [014] Puzzle King [015] Goodbye
[016] Narcolepsy? [017] Serious Talking [018] Hello Wien
[019] E.T. - Deleted Scene [020] Curse of Mutanthoefer [021] Reverse Angle
[022] Spidey Dans Le Parc [023] Merchandising Rising [024] Fernweh
[025] Buried Dreams: Final [026] Sick as Hell [027] Mutanthoefers Brood
[028] Ghetto Kids [029] Rassist [030] Slibo-Witz
[031] Windy [032] Rendezvous 2er Menschen [033] Rolling Thunder
[034] Spidey Dans Le Parc 2 [035] NECC-NISIM [036] Contagious
[037] Deep Fritz [038] Ratta-Tooi-Animated [039] Shellshirt Mother
[040] Hero-Loser [041] Die Reisenden - AE [042] SMD1970
[043] Love Conquers All [044] Regieanweisung: Präzise [045] Ausgemerzt!
[046] One Minute Feature Film [047] Day of the D. [048] Ernstes Wörtchen 2
[049] Hello Scream [050] 2006 [051] Das Credo
[052] Milk-Feedback² [053] Arthouse [054] t: the 4th dimension
[055] 55 [056] Commercial Collection 01 [057] Shaving the Back
[058] Finding Dr. Clausen [059] Commercial Collection 02 [060] Sexy Style
[061] last exit: n.w.o. [062] Ernste Worte [063] Neuanfang
[064] ¡nebeL nedserD [065] Commercial Collection 03 [066] Triple Art
[067] Commercial Collection 04 [068] Drinking Buddy [069] Commercial Collection 05
[070] Palace of Wisdom [S01] Future of the City [071] American Dream
[072] PrAeCoGnItIoN/Reader’s Circle [073] Death to the Audience [074] Emerge
[075] Rätsel-King [076] GEMA slash'n [077] The Card Player
[078] Poppers [079] Waiting for Santa [080] Unknown Soldiers
[081] Online Psychologist [082] England: Deutschland [083] Commercial Collection 06
[084] 26°N/20°36'W [AS1] Le Fin Absolute du Monde 2 [085] Teenage Bikini Zombies
[086] Business as usual [087] Selbstdarstellung [088] Sexiest Man Ever
[089] Ratta-Tooi: Reloaded [090] neoFLuX 001 [091] AROMA DI AMORE
[092] neoFLuX 002 [093] neoFLuX 003 [094] Sound off
[095] neoFLuX 004 [096] neoFLuX 005 [097] neoFLuX 006
[098] neoFLuX 007 [099] J. Unterweger - live aus Wien [100] VdddKnkwssmdGüs01
[101] Music Effects Mood [102] VdddKnkwssmdGüs02 [103] VdddKnkwssmdGüs03
[104] Commercial Collection 07 [105] Zunar-J5/9-Doric-48 [106] neoFLuX 008
[107] neoFLuX 009 [108] neoFLuX 010 [109] neoFLuX 011
[110] alphaOMEGA [111] Cam-Pong [112] neoFLuX 012
[113] Creepy Magic [114] VdddKnkwssmdGüs04 [115] ADventwReath 1/IV
[115] ADventwReath 2/IV [115] ADventwReath 3/IV [115] ADventwReath 4/IV
[116] Buyalacua [117] neoFLuX 013 [118] neoFLuX 014
[119] Broken Wetware [120] VdddKnkwssmdGüs05 [121] neoFLuX 015
[122] 2008 - ein kurzer Rückblick [123] neoFLuX 016 [124] Keine Lösung
[125] neoFLuX 017 [126] Django - Immer eine Hand am Drücker [127] Polypodium Vulgare
[128] Commercial Collection 08 [129] neoFLuX 018 [130] Trophäe 67
[131] neoFLuX 019 [132] NAZI?! [133] S O S
[134] AWIGTTSOIP [135] So fährt der Grünofant Wheelie. [136] neoFLuX-Zyklus 01
[137] VdddKnkwssmdGüs06 [138] The Shining [139] Skandal im Märchen(sch)land
[140] Der letzte Grünofant [141] The Kaleidoscope of Death Schröder [142] Poetry Slash No.1
[R01] Orangensaftgringo - Entgiftet [T01] Le avventure anali di flux: Trailer 01 [R02] Head Over Heels in Love with Boomer
[143] Spindizzy [144] Botschaft aus der irakischen Botschaft [145] Inner City Cruiser - ICC
[R03] Quite (a) Riot - Entlegasthenisiert [146] Milk!!! [147] Friedhofsarbeiten 01
[R04] Hello Wien (Evil Conquers All-Cut) [R05] Hello Scream (from the Dead) [148] Christian Keßler ist tot
[149] pARACRIMESOFTHEFLUXDROIDs [150] What Did People Do Before Disco? [151] 93 - The Lost Kenneth Anger Movie
[R06] LAST EXIT: N.W.O. – Staccato-Cut [152] Organic Drifting [153] New Order - Tempodrom
[154] Zur Lage der Nation [155] 17.07.2012: keine Spuren, keine Zeugen! [156] Wi(e)der Zucht und Ordnung
[157] Jim & John: Skating Mutants! [158] Angelo ribelle su fondo rosso [T02] NUMBERS - Trailer
[159] TISC: A hair-raising... [160] ANATOMY OF... The Kooky Crab Walk [161] ANATOMY OF... The LT Clock
[162] NUMBERS [163] ANATOMY OF...The Infamous Shizzle [164] Infamous Skating Clown
[165] ANATOMY OF...The Accidental Trick [166] ANATOMY OF... The T Line [167] Anatomy of...The Mouble U
[168] TISC: This is how we roll... [169] 2014: Stand der Dinge [170] The Infamous Warrior
[171] Anatomy of...The Cornered Pivot [T03] NUMBERS 2 (@home) - Teaser [172] Anatomy of...The Insane Legs
[173] no-repetition-routine 1 [174] Anatomy of...The T-Crab [175] minus/plus wheels
[176] no-repetition-routine 2 [177] Anatomy of...The Half Nelson [178] NUMBERS 2 (@home)
[179] Anatomy of...The Blowfish [180] no-repetition-routine 3 [181] Anatomy of...The Infamous Cradle
[182] Phantom of the Louvre [183] Anatomy of...The ToeToToe [184] Anatomy of...The X-Berg Shuffle
[185] no-repetition-routine 4 [186] Anatomy of...The Infamous Cog Wheels [187] Anatomy of...The Wiggling Split
[188] Anatomy of...The Asymmetric Vortex [189] Anatomy of...The JBiggle [190] ANATOMY OF...The UpTown
[191] no-repetition-routine 5 [192] Anatomy of...The Puppetmaster [193] ANATOMY OF...The Crabble
[194] ANATOMY OF...The Sunwalk [195] ANATOMY OF...The Double Trouble [T04] NUMBERS III -Teaser
[T05] NUMBERS III - Trailer 1 [T06] NUMBERS III - Trailer 2 [196] Anatomy of...The Crabby Twister
[197] Anatomy of...The Risky Lifting [198] NUMBERS III [199] Anatomy of...The Cutting Edge
[200] Anatomy of...The Diamond G-Slide [201] Anatomy of...T-Slide Twister [202] Anatomy of...The Heelix
[203] Le Clou du Spectacle [204] SUPER 8 [205] Leaving Onionland
[206] Anatomy of...The Reversed Hook [207] [208]

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Production Year 2017

Anatomy of...The Reversed Hook (02/26/2017) - vimeoLink

Music: Georgia Greenberg

Leaving Onionland (02/02/2017) - vimeoLink

Sound: gabbermikeg

SUPER 8 (01/29/2017) - vimeoLink

Music: Messer Chups

Le Clou du Spectacle (01/02/2017) - vimeoLink

Music: The Joy Drops, suonho

Production Year 2016

Anatomy of...The Heelix (12/10/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Noisesurfer

Anatomy of...T-Slide Twister (10/01/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Juanitos

Anatomy of...The Diamond G-Slide (08/24/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Paul Keeley

Anatomy of...The Cutting Edge (07/20/2016) - vimeoLink


Music: The Funky Filter

NUMBERS III (05/16/2016) - vimeoLink

The legend ends here. You are about to watch the third and final installment of the infamous NUMBERS trilogy. For transcendental viewing pleasure we urge you to watch it naked, in the highest possible definition, on a giant screen, and with your volume turned all the way up. Please feel free to sext us naughty selfies if you dig it.

Music: Nine Inch Nails

Anatomy of...The Risky Lifting (05/06/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Erdbeerschnitzel

Anatomy of...The Crabby Twister (04/18/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Hux Capacitor

NUMBERS III - Trailer 2 (03/23/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Nine Inch Nails

NUMBERS III - Trailer 1 (03/04/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Nine Inch Nails

NUMBERS III - Teaser (01/05/2016) - vimeoLink

Music: Com Truise

Production Year 2015

ANATOMY OF...The Double Trouble (11/30/2015) - vimeoLink

Music: Numer 6

ANATOMY OF...The Sunwalk (11/21/2015) - vimeoLink

Moonwalk is so 1982...when people only thought in one direction. Nowadays you need to watch your back and turn around once in a while...

Music: The Soulstatejazz Band

ANATOMY OF...The Crabble (10/08/2015) - vimeoLink

Crabble it...just a little bit.

Music: Thallus

ANATOMY OF...The Puppetmaster (09/15/2015) - vimeoLink

All strings attached.

Music: M.W.D.

no-repetition-routine 5: misc. (08/05/2015) - vimeoLink


Music: Aesop Rock feat Camp Lo

ANATOMY OF...The UpTown (08/02/2015) - vimeoLink

Who cares about the Downtown if there is an UpTown.

Music: BoomClickClap

Anatomy of...The JBiggle (07/19/2015) - vimeoLink

Music: Offtopic

Anatomy of...The Asymmetric Vortex (05/27/2015) - vimeoLink

Be sure to alternate the launch into the vortex (open/V-shape vs. closed/parallel).

Music: Com Truise

Anatomy of...The Wiggling Split (04/17/2015) - vimeoLink

Get a wiggle on and get this wiggle done....

Music: Thallus

Anatomy of...The Infamous Cog Wheels (03/13/2015) - vimeoLink

Very sophisticated and VERY slow backwards skating. This move is great for racing against each other. We can do it as fast as others do fast backwards.

Music: Sereck

Production Year 2014

no-repetition-routine 4: lines (12/20/2014) - vimeoLink

Long story short: no-repetition-routine 4: lines!

Music: Oddlogic

Anatomy of...The X-Berg Shuffle (11/20/2014) - 9 MB vimeoLink

With the soon to be world-famous X-Berg Shuffle you rule every rink...

Music: Arkist & Komonazmuk

Anatomy of...The ToeToToe (11/03/2014) - 7 MB vimeoLink

To do the ToeToToe you have to go toe-to-toe with the ToeToToe.

Music: Leif

Phantom of the Louvre (10/21/2014) - 3 MB vimeoLink

In order to find proof that Belphégor the infamous phantom of the Louvre exists a team of ghost hunters is currently watching old surveillance footage. The scoop: They did find something very strange, something that may be Belphégor shapeshifted. We will keep you updated...

Anatomy of...The Infamous Cradle (09/17/2014) - 5 MB vimeoLink

Without the help of Sir Isaac Newton this would never have been possible.

Music: Daisy Chain

no-repetition-routine 3: standing splits (08/24/2014) - 15 MB vimeoLink

Get ready for part 3 of the famous infamous no-repetition-routine which starts of precisely where part 2 ended (after the standing split clock-transition).

Music: The Soulstatejazz Band

Anatomy of...The Blowfish (08/11/2014) - 5 MB vimeoLink

This move is more poisonous than cyanide!

Music: The Sight Below

NUMBERS 2 (@home) (06/102014) - 45 MB vimeoLink

The Infamous Skating Couple hereby releases the highly anticipated sequel to their smash hit NUMBERS. Can you dig it?!

Music: The Black Arrow, Benny B. Blonco, Madame, Fallgrapp

Anatomy of...The Half Nelson (05/27/2014) - 5 MB vimeoLink

Caution! Some skaters live in roller rinks and are not used to fresh air. Those may show allergic reactions to flowers while doing this trick.

Music: Memotone

no-repetition-routine 2: VA variations (05/02/2014) - x MB vimeoLink

Part 2 of the gigantic infamous no-repetition-routine starts of precisely where part 1 ended (after the barrel roll-transition).

Music: Just Plain Ant

minus/plus wheels (04/22/2014) - 3 MB vimeoLink

Some pivots a day keep the doctor away.

Music: Adhesion

Anatomy of...The T-Crab (03/27/2014) - 5 MB vimeoLink

The T-Crab makes you irresistible on the dancefloor.

Music: Mux Mool

no-repetition-routine 1: toe jamming (03/13/2014) - 13 MB vimeoLink

Those who saw the couple live in action probably know their infamous no-repetition-routines where they chain one move after another without a single repetition. Notice that a toe jam (crazy leg) to the left followed by a toe jam to the right would already count as a repetition and in the whole routine no repetition of any move is allowed... which gives this updated version of the common dancing routines a modern twist but also makes it quite a challenge when it comes to designing and performing it. However, each of the couples routines constists of exactly 31 different moves and mostly has a special theme where one kind of move gets modified over and over again. The routine ends with a transition into the next routine so that it can grow and flow endlessly. The couple started working on the gigantic routine about two years ago and continues to do so until death does it apart.

Music: Kenny Hubcitynative aka So-Me

Anatomy of...The Insane Legs (02/16/2014) - 2 MB vimeoLink

During your development into a first-class black belt skater the INSANE LEGS will probably push your skills to the limit.

Music: Willits & Sakamoto

NUMBERS 2 (@home) - Teaser (02/06/2014) - 1 MB vimeoLink

Get ready for another superbly crafted, stylishly executed, fast moving and tightly plotted piece of art.

Music: Adhesion

Anatomy of...The Cornered Pivot (01/15/2014) - 6 MB vimeoLink

Some pivots a day keep the doctor away.

Music: Zomblaze

The Infamous Warrior (01/05/2014) - 5 MB vimeoLink

Wanna make yourself the best skater possible? All you need is the Infamous Warrior, a high-end skate built for ruling the middle and a perfect weapon to win every contest. The Infamous Warrior is superior to everything on the market and can be used for all styles of skating.

Follow The Infamous Skating Couple on facebook!

Music: A smile for timbuctu

2014: State of Affairs (01/02/2014) - 02 MB vimeoLink

We had to put things right.

Music: Josh Elliott

Production Year 2013

TISC: This is how we roll... (12/25/2013) - 5 MB vimeoLink

Follow The Infamous Skating Couple on facebook!

Music: Dharma

Anatomy of...The Mouble U (12/06/2013) - 5 MB vimeoLink

Don't even try to do that without palm trees in the background.

Music: Langer

ANATOMY OF... The T Line (11/24/2013) - 7 MB vimeoLink

There is a very special secret behind this supersexy move: Once you master it, every wo/man in the world wants to make love to you every day.

Music: The Council Flats of Kingsbury

ANATOMY OF...The Accidental Trick (11/13/2013) - 5 MB vimeoLink

It all happened by accident when the couple was trying to learn a decent move from one of those not so decent internet videos. It was dark, low-res and out of focus and the couple could only guess what was going on... But finally - as always - they nailed it! About one year later they met the skater in person. He was high-res, sharp and shiny. Proud and thankful the couple showed him his move...a move he did not know AT ALL. The one he did in the video was completely different as it turned out...

Music: Plushgoolash

Infamous Skating Clown (11/11/2013) - 8 MB vimeoLink

A chilling jam skate study of evil.

Sound: oscillator, Freed, dal_kas, klankbeeld

Music: Cayzland Music

ANATOMY OF...The Infamous Shizzle (09/23/2013) - 5 MB vimeoLink

No dizzle the hottest shizzle you fizzles!

Music: Crookram

NUMBERS (09/11/2013) - 137 MB vimeoLink

A fearless duo with a dangerous bag of tricks brings you the filthiest skateporn on the planet...

Music: Siavash Ghanbari, Ekkis, Crookram, Prod.B, Niteffect, DJ Concept, Dark, Michna, Crookram, Superpoze, B-Ju, Superpoze, Crookram, Zomblaze, Superpoze, adeiLhp, DJ Friss

ANATOMY OF... The LT Clock (08/28/2013) - 6 MB vimeoLink

If you master this move you are less inhibited and more "hang loose" than other skaters.

Music: Crookram

ANATOMY OF... The Kooky Crab Walk (08/26/2013) - 7 MB vimeoLink

Some peeps asked us to do tutorials, so consider this as that. Of course (as always) arty farty and stuff...

Music: Aske

TISC: A hair-raising and heart-stopping journey into skating (08/18/2013) - 3 MB vimeoLink

Follow The Infamous Skating Couple on facebook!

Music: Certified 35

NUMBERS - Trailer (03/31/2013) - 12 MB vimeoLink

The Infamous Skating Couple's adventures across Europe will dramatically change your life...Soon!

Music: Ending Satellites

Angelo ribelle su fondo rosso (01/23/2013) - 09 MB vimeoLink

If the cinema no longer existed, Sascha Dornhöfer alone would be capable of re-inventing it.

Music: ERH

Production Year 2012

Jim & John: Skating Mutants! (11/16/2012) - 03 MB vimeoLink

These two no-brainers have only one skill left.

Music: Lee Rosevere

Organic Drifting (05/26/2012) - 43 MB vimeoLink

Somewhere in the remote woods…

Music: Tilman

LAST EXIT: N.W.O. – Staccato-Cut (05/20/2012) - 14 MB vimeoLink

Your world ends with you.

Music: The Hamster Alliance

93 - The Lost Kenneth Anger Movie (05/15/2012) - 8 MB vimeoLink

13.567 American films that had been considered lost to history unearthed in Berlin Kreuzberg, Germany. Acclaimed filmmaker and noted visual perception researcher Dr. Sascha M. Dornhofer, holder of the largest private collection of films with more than 10 Million reels, went public recently with this astonishing piece of news. "The Big Re-Premiere", as he calls it, "is launching soon" and as an appetizer he now has released a "little nugget" from one of his favorite directors Kenneth Anger.

Music: Dmitriy Rodionov

What Did People Do Before Disco? (03/03/2012) - 16 MB vimeoLink

"At the hottest night spots, four things are happening. First men and women are being brought together. Disco is a very social activity. Second, people are dancing. Third, a unique environment is being created using special electronic lighting effects and powerful sound systems. In these disco environments, soft lighting mixes with shadows away from the dance floors, and bright, flashing lights create a stage-show-like atmosphere around the dancers. Fourth, reality is left outside the disco's door, so that inside, fantasy has a chance to thrive."

McGill, L. (1980). Disco Dressing: A Complete Guide for Men and Women on How to Create Seven Smash Disco Looks. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Music: Anchor Méjans

pARACRIMESOFTHEFLUXDROIDs (01/27/2012) - 77 MB vimeoLink

Epic (one of the most misused and overused filler words in the English language)!

Music: Paradroid, Kettle Blacksmith

Production Year 2011

Hello Scream (from the Dead) (10/25/2011) - 15 MB vimeoLink

The Dead King's Halloween Speech.

Music: 7OOP3D

Friedhofsarbeiten 01: Un homme de tête 02: Eight heads are better than four! (09/27/2011) - 06 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream

Part 1 of a series on collaborations with dead artists.

Music: Richard X

Milk!!! (09/13/2011) - 08 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream


Sounds: roscoetoon, EcoDTR, Percy Duke, Dynamicell, patchen, FreqMan, redjim

Quite (a) Riot - Entlegasthenisiert (08/02/2011) - 21 MB vimeoLink

Resurrection of the past...

Music: Travis Morgan

Inner City Cruiser - ICC (07/24/2011) - 12 MB vimeoLink

There are shiny things going on in the Berlin underground...

Music: Stud

Spindizzy (06/21/2011) - 06 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream

Vintage Wind Up Roller Skating Boy!

Music: Luftrum, gyzhor

Head Over Heels in Love with Boomer (06/07/2011) - 30 MB vimeoLink

One word: LOVE!

Music: unreal_dm (feat. Steven M Bryant - Barry Morgan)

Le avventure anali di flux: Trailer 01 (05/15/2011) - 03 MB vimeoLink

Expressing pain through fluxus...

sounds: Virotic, Suonho, Freed, Digifishmusic

Production Year 2010

The Kaleidoscope of Death Schröder (10/17/2010) - 08 MB vimeoLink

Meet Mrs. Death Schroeder. She's a knockout.

Skandal im Märchen(sch)land (07/29/2010) - 26 MB vimeoLink

Those Citizens are not into herd conformity. Although living or staying in Berlin they are clearly not interested in German soccer during the FIFA World Cup 2010. Neither in the eights/quarter/semi-finals nor in the petite finale.

Music: Modul

The Shining (06/29/2010) - 29 MB vimeoLink

That's entertainment.

Music: keinzweiter

neoFLuX-Zyklus 01 (01/05/2010) - vimeoLink

Master Cut!

Production Year 2009

So fährt der Grünofant Wheelie. (12/14/2009) - 06 MB vimeoLink

The way to do IT.

Music: Christian Pietsch

Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 005: AWIGTTSOIP (11/22/2009) - 02 MB vimeoLink

Last semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis.

Music: Headphone Science

Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 004: S O S (11/16/2009) - 04 MB vimeoLink

Last but one semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis.

Music: Tape

Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 003: NAZI?! (11/15/2009) - 02 MB vimeoLink

Last but two semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis.

Music: Nika Japaridze

neoFLuX 019: O (10/21/2009) - 09 MB vimeoLink

The last and missing link.

Music: FRAG

neoFLuX 018: Vienna Style (06/20/2009) - 06 MB vimeoLink

Understanding events without causing another: an alternative technique for new events without any traces? Yep.

Music: FRAG

The Kippenberger-Armstrongs: Polypodium Vulgare (03/27/2009) - 11 MB vimeoLink

These guys are unquestionable the best and most important contribution to rock history.

neoFLuX 017: Clean (01/05/2009) - 05 MB vimeoLink

Fast cars and coin-operated hot girls. Worldwide kissing/cruising available. First time ever offered. Please place your order by sending photos to any underrated dealer. If you dont want to be restricted to classic fools/tools, simply choose more information.

Music: Hannes

Keine Lösung (01/04/2009) - 05 MB vimeoLink

She's dead set against derangement.

Music: Die Rote Gerda

Production Year 2008

neoFLuX 016: Shave (12/16/2008) - 03 MB vimeoLink

Avoid X-Rays/5-Pin Brass Cylinders/Gamma Lindane/Experts in the science of mental processes and behavior.

Music: Kilmer

2008 - ein kurzer Rückblick (12/14/2008) - 02 MB vimeoLink

2008 - A Short Review.

Music: ESSEN

neoFLuX 015: Transfusion (10/29/2008) - 02 MB vimeoLink

In order to flux.

Music: NIN

Broken Wetware (06/13/2008) - 26 MB vimeoLink

1968: The re-emergence of the working class.

Music: keinzweiter

neoFLuX 014: Peep (04/07/2008) - 02 MB vimeoLink

If you want to buy a pocket knife from a witch doctor in Cuba try to do so in Oklahoma.

Music: Bendei

neoFLuX 013: Drag (04/01/2008) - 04 MB vimeoLink

One could easily compare movie-watching to killing but here the comparison actually means nothing.

Music: Atticus

Buyalacua (02/03/2008) - vimeoLink


Production Year 2007

Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 002: ADventwReath 1/IV (12/02/2007) - 03 MB YouTubeLink
Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 002: ADventwReath 2/IV (12/09/2007) - 03 MB YouTubeLink
Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 002: ADventwReath 3/IV (12/16/2007) - 03 MB YouTubeLink
Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 002: ADventwReath 4/IV (12/23/2007) - 03 MB YouTubeLink

... two...
... three...
... four.

Music: aluf

Creepy Magic (10/31/2007) - 15 MB vimeoLink

It's magic! (needs 3D Glasses)

neoFLuX 012: Light (10/01/2007) - 04 MB vimeoLink

Bringing a tank of oxygen to someone's grave will at least keep him alive... for a little while.

Music: heavyconfetti

neoFLuX 011: Beat (09/30/2007) - 03 MB vimeoLink

A pair of eyeball periscopes out of the sun, trailing a swimming criminal sleuth...

Music: Elco Park

Cam-Pong (07/26/2007) - 05 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") vimeoLink

A tribute to Ilie Năstase!

Music: Tangible

Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 001: alphaOMEGA (06/28/2007) - 06 MB vimeoLink

neoFLuX 002 + neoFLuX 009 = Semantic neoFLuX-Symbiosis 001

Music: Elco Park

neoFLuX 010: Twist (06/27/2007) - 02 MB vimeoLink

In this incredibly slick sequel, lust lurks around every corner. A controversial survey that suggests security has fallen 10 years behind and mankind has not been born with saddles.

Music: ESSEN

neoFLuX 009: Shower (05/22/2007) - 02 MB vimeoLink

A rare demo version of an unreleased Herschell Gordon Lewis gem.

Music: Revolution Void

neoFLuX 008: One (05/20/2007) - 02 MB vimeoLink

Experience the magic of refreshing. There’s something here to ignite the imagination of everyone in your life. Just close your eyes and silently tiptoe from one spot to another. It’s irresistibly easy failing on every level.

Music: Brainsaw

Zunar-J5/9-Doric-48 (05/04/2007) - 26 MB vimeoLink
get down (04/16/2007) - 20 MB YouTubeLink

A true Berlin underground film.

Production Year 2006

Music Effects Mood (12/04/2006) - 06 MB vimeoLink

Recently, Schmidt et al. (in press) systematically reviewed more than 400 articles on this controversy. His conclusion, with which we agree (as do probably most psychology researchers), is that mood testing “is easily misunderstood and misused but that when applied with good judgement it can be an effective aid in the interpretation of life itself”.

neoFLuX 007: Drill (10/14/2006) - 03 MB vimeoLink

Without a doubt too harsh for many stomachs. Although it mixes this feeling with some of the contagious warmth, humor, and genuine emotional impact of Alexander Kluge’s Willi Tobler and the Decline of the 6th Fleet.

Music: Bubzigohn

neoFLuX 006: Replace (10/14/2006) - 02 MB vimeoLink

This horror flick is a shocker reminiscent of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. Teeming with nasty-tempered creatures that are hopping mad – and charming. Fun fact: Many of the 500 Florida frogs and 100 giant South American toads purchased for use in the film escaped during WW2. Fun fact 2: A giraffe has a 20-inch tongue!

Music: Fast Idio

neoFLuX 005: Fünf (10/14/2006) - 02 MB vimeoLink

Sexual tensions take a back seat to mystery. However, they can be a normal part of European Trash Cinema. Even if Dracula is in the providences and there is more hell than desire on Ibiza’s bitches.

Music: Adhesion

neoFLuX 004: No Message (10/14/2006) - 01 MB vimeoLink

Primal urge principles matter, even if we don’t like them. It is pointless to seek and establish some new notions. Ambassador in Honduras could be one way out but ambassador in Barcelona could be one way out of being ambassador in Honduras…

Music: Adhesion

neoFLuX 003: Climb (10/03/2006) - 03 MB vimeoLink

These images create such a warm hold on our feelings because they make us smell the sweet smell of success which was photographed too. A continuing parable about professional doing.

Music: [in]anace

neoFLuX 002: Upside Down (10/01/2006) - 04 MB vimeoLink

In order to find a pattern… a reason for things like this one has to consider what the boys mother had to consider: shoe loss, idleness… and the other, more obvious symptoms… simply flip-floped to complex XML-compatible knowledge.

Music: Elco Park

AROMA DI AMORE (09/28/2006) - 03 MB vimeoLink

An intense and experimental flick, whose complex structure allows us to explore the mind of a director driven to extremes.

neoFLuX 001: 38,14 s w/o O2 (09/18/2006) - 06 MB vimeoLink

Missing Headline: NMP creates new flux films as tribute to the last morning when Gustav and Svenson fell out of the windows of their minds and discovered 15 of the planets foremost research scientists. Admiral Brainy and 14 others!

Music: K.M. Krebs

Ratta-Tooi: Reloaded (09/11/2006) - 06 MB vimeoLink

We are pleased to announce results from follow-up eating of Ratatouille encountered on the DD Zone. This time seasoned with polonium powder and accompanied by tender and loving music from the almighty Satan himself (who is also shouting the refrain).

Teenage Bikini Zombies: The Rising (04/17/2006) - not downloadable, requires left click and Quicktime Player

„Teenage Bikini Zombies: The Rising“ succeeds in reconfiguring Romero’s zombie apocalypse without actually featuring any zombies.

Le Fin Absolute du Monde 2 (04/01/2006) - deathly

Unbearably intense. To be screened at Sitges 2006.

26°N/20°36'W (03/31/2006) - not downloadable, requires left click and Quicktime Player

The movie Hemingway never wrote.

Commercial Collection 06 (02/20/2006) - 02 MB YouTubeLink

Stanley L. Kaufman about Germanys most notorious underground filmmakers...

England: Deutschland (02/10/2006) - 05 MB vimeoLink

Learn German in England!

Online Psychologist (01/07/2006)
Act 01 - 06 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream
Act 02 - 06 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream

We are able to offer you quality flat rate psychological counseling for free. All consultations are - of course - secure and confidential.

Production Year 2005

Unknown Soldiers (12/31/2005) - 06 MB vimeoLink

It’s just another New Years Eve...

Waiting for Santa (12/24/2005)
Act 02 - 11 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t"), Perfect Loop in Flash - 04 MB vimeoLink
Act 01 - 05 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t"), Perfect Loop in Flash - 01 MB vimeoLink

The nucleus of the following film was assembled and donated by the Anonymous Arts Recovery Society.

The Card Player (11/11/2005) - 10 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream

Alexandra Rothert’s new thriller about a serial chiller who forces the world to play video poker against him in order to save the live of the well known historian Ernest Worthing he has kidnapped doesn't rank with her worst work, but it is slow paced and predictable.

Emerge (09/05/2005)
Teaser - 04 MB YouTubeLink

Glamour is a Rocky Road...

PrAeCoGnItIoN (07/10/2005) - 03 MB YouTubeLink
Reader's Circle (07/22/2005) - 04 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream

Theme: Skin, Technical Parameter: Make up

American Dream (07/04/2005) - not downloadable, requires left click and Quicktime Player

If there is nothing left – there is still the American Dream...

Future of the City (07/01/2005) - 20 MB YouTubeLink

This concept film of NMP Academy Student Jörg Brune is intended to convince people to loan him and his crew money to make a sophisticated 70 mm feature length sequel called “The Urge of a Terrorist Hippy to Create a New City”.

Palace of Wisdom (06/28/2005) - not downloadable, requires left click and Quicktime Player

The road of excess leads to the...

Drinking Buddy (05/19/2005) - 03 MB - Videoloop (set Media Player to "repeat" with "Ctrl+t") Loopstream

No more need for ill-mannered drinking buddies to come around.

¡nebeL nedserD (04/15/2005) - 12 MB vimeoLink

All-clear! Dresden’s destruction from the “devastating flood” is no longer visible, due to the rapidity of reconstruction.

Neuanfang (04/05/2005) - not downloadable, requires left click and Quicktime Player

Shaving the Back (01/07/2005) - not downloadable, requires left click and Quicktime Player

Wow. This girl wants to be well prepared for an upcoming job interview. Watch it exclusively on

Production Year 2004

t: the 4th dimension (12/17/2004) - 05 MB vimeoLink

Finally we found the law of nature which prevents time travel paradoxes, and thereby permits time travel. It simply turns out to be the same law that makes sure light travels in straight lines, and which underpins the most straightforward version of quantum theory, developed half a century ago by Richard Feynman.

Arthouse (12/07/2004) - 07 MB vimeoLink

From his earliest youth, Dornhoefer was among the most hardened of film buffs, and from his university days an enfant terrible of art in every form. Now after only 2 years of excessive underground filmmaking he is known as the most famed and honored filmmaker ever to emerge from the nation of Germany. He radically altered the nature and meaning of the motion picture form, transfiguring a medium long devoted to spectacle into an art capable of profoundly personal meditations into the myriad struggles facing the psyche and the soul.

Milk-Feedback² (12/03/2004) - 02 MB YouTubeLink

Chris Farley, John Belushi and River Phoenix furiously finished it up with heroin. Rocky and Paul - a.k.a. the Calcium-Kids - are hooked on much harder stuff: animal proteins.

One Minute Feature Film (08/28/2004) - 05 MB vimeoLink

For this film we transposed - amongst other things - time and space axes. Normally, each frame depicts an entire space, but only a brief moment in time. Here each frame shows the ninetieth negative derivation of time in its entirety, but only a tiny portion of the space - of course with inversely proportional sound. For the first time ever we managed a phenomenological lossless compression of a feature film into one single minute. That is: Your brain will experience a 90-minute feature, although in reality only one minute has passed.

Love Conquers All (07/18/2004) - 03 MB vimeoLink

No need for bitmaps or even polygons displayed with thousands or millions of colors if you can “say” everything with single-colored vectors.

Hero-Loser (05/09/2004) - 04 MB vimeoLink

Nail extension: 40 bucks. Hair extension: 500 bucks. Breast Implants: 4000 bucks. Penis enlargement: 5000 bucks. Limb lengthening: 80000 bucks. Conclusion: size matters.

Deep Fritz (04/09/2004) - vimeoLink


Windy (01/19/2004) - 06 MB vimeoLink

A Gringo. Somewhere in Tromsø. Ugly weather. Something horrible happened in the remote woods - and he is the sole surviver. (Why) did they spare him? WARNING! Viewer discretion is advised.

Ghetto Kids (01/02/2004) - 16 MB vimeoLink

Compared to other kids living in the ghetto near the airport those are different: they don't do drugs, they love fresh air and are able to critically analyze situations. We watched them closely on christmas vacation.

Production Year 2003

Mutanthoefers Brood (12/18/2003) - 02 MB vimeoLink

Mutanthoefer and his also mutated girlfriend (remember his curse...) got an offspring. The little cutie is called L.I.S.A. and lives in a bottle with liquid fertilizer (crystal Gatorade mixed with barbiturate). Unfortunately she's suffering from "psoriasis" but the little fishes from Turkey are a great cure - they love rotten danders. However, L.I.S.A. likes Sam Peckinpath's movies and the music of John Zorn.

Buried Dreams: Final (11/27/2003) - 07 MB YouTubeLink

Sequel to the acclaimed Buried Dreams. Be sure that you've seen part 1.

Reverse Angle (11/02/2003) - 04 MB vimeoLink

His 1984-Quadangle, her 1969-Schwinn-Stingray and Rainer Werner Fassbinder are crossing the line in this rare gem of "Newest German Cinema".

Curse of Mutanthoefer (10/28/2003) - 02 MB vimeoLink

Experience his awful Curse. Not for squeamish, not for the prudish.

Serious Talking (10/15/2003) - 14 MB vimeoLink

A mother finds her son a great job!

Puzzle King (09/12/2003) - 36 MB vimeoLink

Ever since Hans Peter Schmidt had a passionate interest in the study of 3D forms and in exploring the hidden possibilities of combinations of forms and material in theory and practice. Back in 1981 he was the youngest Rubik Cube solver ever (7 years old). Although he often did the Cube, he could not explain how. Later (at the age of 12) it was him, who found out that the number of different unsolved configurations that can be reached on the original Rubik's Cube is a prime number. Now lay back and watch this guy as he solves one Rubik Puzzle after the other...

Devastating Flood (08/31/2003) - 03 MB vimeoLink

Remember the flood that caused damage to a great part of Germany back in 2002? This brave citizen of Dresden opposes news-censorship and reveals the true origin of the devastation.

Mutanthoefer 3D (08/23/2003) - 01 MB YouTubeLink

Mutanthoefer in glorious 3D - go and get those stylish glasses.

Stabber Horst (08/22/2003) - 06 MB - TromaDance Selection 2004 vimeoLink

Horst - a notorious stabbing artist - shows off. Out of respect for Gizmo the Mogwai...

Mutanthoefer (06/17/2003) - 01 MB vimeoLink

Mutantnhoefers girlfriend shows her womanly tact.

Ratta-Tooi (06/05/2003) - 04 MB - TromaDance Selection 2004 vimeoLink

Yeah. Getting rid of Ratatouille the funky way...

Buried Dreams (05/20/2003) - 22 MB vimeoLink

The movie business is one of the hardest. Knowing that a young filmmaker arrives at a decision...

Notforkids (05/14/2003) - 03 MB vimeoLink

This is a crucial advice for young parents. Please take this seriously.

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